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Official Sites
    Lloyd's official site is a great collection of recent news, reviews, and recollections from Richard. It's also the best place find out where Richard will be playing next or how to get ahold of his latest album - and you can even send him questions directly!
    Richard Hell's official site - fantastic stuff, including an on-line bio, excerpts from his books, lyrics, and many rare Television, Heartbreakers, and Voidoids photos. Also has books and (rare) posters for sale, as well as a public message forum.
  • Robert Quine (of the Voidoids)
    Maintained by Steve Caratzas, Robert Quine's official site collects all sorts of interesting information about his recording history, influences, gear, discography, and projects.
Fan Sites Reviews Resources Related Artists
  • Bibi Farber
    Bibi Farber is a sometime member of Richard Lloyd's band. More importantly, Richard produced and played on her debut CD Firepop in 2000.
  • Babelogue
    The definitive Patti Smith fan site on the web.

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